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Love and Light”
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Friday, 23 November 2012


Goblin Market: Irish New Contemporary Art

Launch party 6pm Saturday 1st December!!

Exhibition of artwork from the book's artists for two weeks: 1.12.12 - 15.12.12.

Launch party 6pm Saturday 1st December 

BYOB - drinks for early birds
Dress: fabulous!

Goblin Market is the first publication from White Lady Art Books, featuring work from 35 of Ireland's finest New Contemporary artists. These artists are working and exhibiting in Ireland, and their artwork will be displayed in the White Lady Art gallery for two weeks.

The 35 artists who are showcased in the book work in a variety of styles that can be placed under the banner of New Contemporary art: there are urban artists, pop surrealists, outsider, folk surrealists, body horror artists, and lowbrow artists. New Contemporary art has a major following in America, Europe and the U.K., and Ireland has much to offer as well. It is high time that these unusual, unique and technically excellent artists are given recognition and appreciation in a broader context, and it is with great pleasure that White Lady Art can offer you the chance to see their work in an exhibition to accompany the launch of the book.

Goblin Market is a hardback coffee table book, that can stand up proudly beside others of its kind, and would make an ideal gift for any art lover or aficionado of the underground art scene in Ireland.

The launch party will be a great occasion, marking the year spent developing and honing the book into something we can all be proud of. We would like to invite you to come and celebrate the artwork and artists at this very special event.

fb page:

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Random Cuddly Creepy Carrot Friend

Little bit random, I spent yesterday evening with a friend sewing cuddly carrot's, I love chilling out with a bit of hand sewing. Here is a new carrot friend I made for my husband Iliocht.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A Seussian Ripple Theory

Green Eggs and ham: Dr Seuss Exhibition,Group Show at White Lady Art.

I am taking part in a group exhibition called 'Green Eggs & Ham' this Friday. A show of artwork inspired by the work of the iconic Theodor S. Geisel, aka Dr. Seuss. At the New 'White Lady Art Gallery' at 14 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2.
Here is my new piece I made to be included, its in acrylic on canvas entitled 'A Seussian Ripple Theory' 80 x 60 cm.
If anyone happens to be in Dublin this Friday, this show is well worth seeing with some really fantastic artists taking part!

A Seussian Ripple Theory 2012

The Title ‘A Seussian Ripple Theory’ refers to the good Doctor Seuss. When I was younger I often wondered if he was a real doctor, now I have a child of my own and I do see him as somehow of a Doctor, his surreal system of storytelling encourages me to think of his as a quirky Dr. of psychology with his own system of therapy.
In the tradition of story telling his work has become that of a contemporary mother goose and with this not only sewing seed of new relevant morals, also creating his own brand of mythology. In the tradition of surrealism, bizarre imagery fused together with a clear intent to encourage imagination and further expansiveness and evolution of our individual and indeed collective psyche.
My painting is juxtaposition of my own mythology and with that of Dr. Seuss, his artistic creations have caused a ripple across our cultural consciousness that has become a part of many people’s psyches. His mythology stays with us living in our hearts and memories, mine included!  And I think it is a righteous ripple!  One that will keep resurfacing as long and long after his stories and artworks are shared.

Here is the 'White Lady Art' video from the opening day

Thursday, 8 November 2012

DCTV at the Fairy Frack Clash

The Dublin City Community Channel came and filmed Harriet's opening this October. Here is the TV Clip of the interview, with special thanks to the DCTV:


CityWide - Fairy Frack Clash from DCTV on Vimeo.

Fairies and fracking are a combination you don't often see together and maybe that's why a clash has ensued! CityWide reporter Susan Jackson talks to Harriet Myfanwy Nia Tahany about her artistic take on the destruction of the mystical landscape of Leitrim, the place she calls home.

Presenter - Susan Jackson, Camera (Interview) Darren Fitzpatrick,
Cutaways & establishing shots - Stravan Laddu, Darren Fitzpatrick, Alan Doran, Susan Jackson,
Editors - Shannon Smith, Killian Vigna, Producer - Susan Jackson, Director - Susan Jackson.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sign for 'White Lady Art'

A different kind of creativity, I recently made a wooden sign for the street front of Dublin's new 'White Lady Art' Gallery.
I used the 'street tag' style of font from the 'White Lady Art's' website. I used a projector to trace the letters to the exact size onto a sheet of marine plywood, this is the same board used in boat building, so its super weatherproof. I cut the letters out with a handheld electric Jigsaw, then the letters were painted white with exterior gloss paint.
It was an oddness for me nailing it up it a crouded city street during the day. After I had positioned the letters tacking them up with a couple of nails, Iliocht my husband helped me put all the final nails in. I was going to paint the nail heads white but you can hardly notice them, they make the sign that bit different and real looking.
I'm feeling quite proud of it and think it looks as good as any of the signs on the street, so yay!
Here is a photo of the finished sign taken at the grand opening on November 2nd:

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Counting the days until 'The Fairy Frack Clash'

It will be 19 days until my opening day at the Little Green Street Gallery in Dublin, I am looking forward to this my first Dublin show. This show will be one of the galleries last shows in this there founding  location on Little Britain Street as they are moving to a newly renovated space this month.

My Glowy Studio:

I have kept a flipped schedule over the last bunch of months sleeping all day and up all night under the black light in my studio as my work space is way to bright during the day to really see how the UV paint is coming out.

Here is a sneaky preview of some of the work:

This is one of the water nymph drop - like fairies I am painting, this in oil and wax, she is suffering from contaminated toxic water. I painted her hair to look like water flowing.
Hope some of you can make it to Dublin on the 19th to see the show, I am really happy with how all the work is coming out :)
Click on the poster image below to go to the event page on facebook:

Monday, 17 September 2012

Live Paint at Subground Dublin

Last Saturday I took part in some live Painting at an interactive art market at Prussia St. Multi Cultural Community Centre. I painted this exterior wall for 4 hours from 4.30 to 8.30 until it got too dark to continue. I really enjoy doing these live paintings, it’s nice to interact with people while I am working and now the painting will live there to be seen by people in the future. Here are some photos from the day:

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Water Nymph Like Drop Fairies

I am working on these for a Dublin solo show this October! These are water nymph like drop fairy's facing the affect of hydro-frack chemicals in the water. The show is entitled 'The Fairy Frack Clash' . My new exhibition is looking to be the weekend before Halloween!

Monday, 16 July 2012

Graff House at The Chocolate Factory Dublin

This weekend myself and an artist friend from here in Leitrim, Holly Gardener, traveled up to Dublin to take part in a live painting event at The chocolate Factory, creative complex on Kings Inns Street hosted by White Lady Art, KIN, and Iljin Project.
Each artist was given a large 2 meter squared wooden board to paint on between 6pm and 10pm live to the public. As it was an indoors event there were no live sprays,  artists could use stencils and anything else they wanted to create an amazing piece in four hours.

The Chocolate Factory is a large renovated warehouse that is being used as a creative space. The ground floor will be transformed on the day into a live painting area, music stage, retail area and food stalls.
This charity event was being raising money for Temple Street children's hospital.
Artists also brought specially selected paintings and prints and stickers and stuff to sell at the stall, manned by the organizers minions while the artists painted.
There was live music, food and cupcakes.
I had a really awesome time doing the live paint, I came only with my brushes and no idea what to paint, so I just made it up as I went along, starting with a sketch in charcoal I mapped out the design and worked it up with black paint finally adding colour and going back over the outlines. I found this kind of work really fun and expressive, I knew and was very aware that I had 4 hours to do the whole thing so with this I didn't worry too much about being too neat and if the paint dripped I didn't mind so much and let the drips become part of the paintings character. I really enjoyed this kind of painting and feel it has given me a new working energy and loosened me up a bit. Super Yay!!

Poster From the Graff House with names of Participating Artists

Here is a little Video by Alexa from Dublin's White Lady Art of the Event:

White Lady Art: Graff House 1 from White Lady Art Gallery on Vimeo.
White Lady Art and Tzolkin Street presented a day of music and live painting at The Chocolate Factory, Dublin, in June 2013.

Here are some photos taken at the event of various stages of my piece:
Sketching out the design with charcoal.

Once I had done the sketch I used black paint to add lines and shading.
I then had finished all the black outlines and shading I wanted to do, the next stage was washing in colour transparently over the black so I could still see the outlines of the design.
Washing in the colour.
 The carrot Fairy ^_^ !

Here are some photos of some of the other artists work:

Holly Gardener (Leitrim)

Kathrina Rupit

Marca Mix





Photo Credits with thanks to: George Marks, Regine Schulze, Quique Martín &  Monica Manzzi Barlocco.

Monday, 2 July 2012

'The Upset' Leitrim's Environmentally Themed Arts Event

We had a wonderful turnout at the opening of 'The Upset' Here are some photo's from the day:

The Upset took shape as a community organized arts event curated by Harriet hosted in the town of Drumshanbo Co. Leitrim on the 30th of June 2012 “The Upset” –our awareness and the freedom to express it-  took place in one of the empty units on the old Lairds site, behind the Food Hub, in Drumshanbo. This exhibition started as an expression of concern by some artists about the environment especially with the threat of the gas industry making plans for a large scale gas extraction project on our doorstep. The event had grown to a major exhibition with over 70 artists, many well known, not just from Ireland, but from USA, Mexico, Hong Kong and the UK exhibiting. The exhibition was open for one week in July, with an all day Saturday Opening at 12pm (until 9.30pm) Showcasing an exciting mix of art; music; readings; dance; film and workshops where through their different practices the artists involved displayed their love and concern for the environment and its future.

Video From the Opening Day

By Alexa Mc Dermot from Dublin's White Lady Art

One of the highlights of the day was a dance drama by our local Irish dance school run by my sisters Kathleen and Jemima based here in Leitrim. The dance was introduced by a poem that told the story of the dance, below is the video and a copy of the poems text
Dance Drama Entitled 'Frack Off':

The cockerel crows -- a sign of a new day,
the farm animals wake and begin to play.

The local farmer tends to his land,
and the postman drives by and shakes his hand.
Gives him his post and be's on his way,
as the farmer reads it he begins to sway.

The news of corruption,
a lack of respect,
and fracking on his door step he stops and reflects;
what was then, is not now, for ever thing has changed,
for worse not better,
things will never be the same.

Its time to take a stand,
hold our heads up high,
fight for our country,
not let this pass us by.

I'll gather the farmers and we'll fight till the end,
we will not be beaten,
with this we intend.

We'll show them we mean business,
they can take back their threats,
if they try to bribe us we'll knock it on the head.

If they want a fight, a fights what they'll get,
we'll stand tall together and prove this I bet.

Our mischievous sons will follow in our ways,
for these will be their farms soon some day.

We'll gather our placards, shout as load as we can,
till people take notice and understand what's the plan.
The land will be free to thrive once more,
the water -- drinkable -- clean and pure.

The animals will return and beauty restored,
for I am a farmer and its my farm I Adore.

Filmed at the Opening of 'The upset

Friday, 22 June 2012

Busy not being upset for 'The Upset'

It's been a very busy time for me at the moment with preparations for an Environmental Arts Event 'The Upset'.

My days for weeks now have been spent with full on left side of the brain activity, emails, keeping records of submissions, assisting PR, people, posters, all this has nurtured a void for me, thrown in at the deep end and learning loads! I really appreciate everything I am learning from this project, and although super busy I have felt my heart and mind expanding along the way. I love the integrity behind the show is seems so beautiful to me 'creative expression for the environment'

Such a diverse array of submissions all validly making up a whole, that I am dearly excited to see come together.

Everyone around me has been so super supportive, thank you all so so much! I love the community that has helped nurture this project! From the individual artists submitting there work to the friends old and new who have joined us at the weekly meetings to express their support of the project.

I would like to thank the following people: my beautiful husband for his love, faith, support and practical assistance, Sandra Vernon for her exquisite PR skills and excellent practical advice from years of admirable experience, Gearoid Lynch for his heart to Leitrim's threatened environment and help and encouragement at this projects conception, Grace Cowley for her on going support and quick initiative, Polly Brown, Charlie Easterfield and Joanna Rickard for being a such sweeties at our meetings, Alexa Mc Dermot, Jenni Poi, and Catherine Morrow for their beautiful written contributions and on going faith in this project, Holly Gardener for keeping me company and keeping my studio creative while I'm working on the computer, Matt Gardener for his solidarity and good humour, Fergal Mc Partland for kindly allowing us use of the space, Martin Reading at the Dock for loan and assistance of a projector, Scott Musgrove for showing support by sending a drawing and with that keeping me believing that the possibilities are endless.

Oh my gosh so many people to thank and we have not even got the keys for the event venue! LOL ! I'm sure I will be thanking everyone again and many more names to be added to this list.

Next week is when the actual practical work begins receiving the artwork and fashioning it into an art exhibition.

Wish us luck and light!

I'm feeling super Happy about 'The Upset' Saturday week the 30th of June, in Drumshanbo, in Lovely Leitrim!

The Upset - Press Release


Written by Sandra Vernon

On Saturday, 30th June, in Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim, an art event will be taking place that started as a small acorn and has grown into a full tree. “The Upset” –our awareness and the freedom to express it- will be taking place in one of the empty units on the old Lairds site, behind the Food Hub, in Drumshanbo. This exhibition started as an expression of concern by some artists about the environment and has now grown to a major exhibition with over 50 artists, many well known, not just from Ireland, but from USA, Mexico, Hong Kong and the UK exhibiting. The exhibition will be open until Friday 6th July, but the opening day on Saturday 30th at 12pm (until 9.30pm) will be an exciting mix of art; music; readings; dance; film and workshops where through their different practices the artists involved can show their love and concern for the environment and its future.

Among the activities on the opening day there will be readings by artists from their poems and stories…… music performances by Lionadh Rua with vocals by Marcia Kenny, Del and Joanne Lawrie and Yasmic Chaudrey aka “Fuzzy Hell” and dance performances during the day by The Tahany academy of Irish Dancing. Short film and videos by other artists, 5 of them PhD graduates, will also be continuously showing on a screen. At 4pm there will be a 10min presentation followed by a workshop given by Mary Conroy. Her current project “ Wildroutes” encourages users of Limerick City to build their environment in a way which benefits all inhabitants. The workshop is on seedbomb making and anybody attending is asked to bring any seed and compost they have lying around. It is, as are all performances, a free event. At 5pm Belinda Loftus from will give an overview of her Ph.D research on climate change and the visual arts sector.

With over 50 artists involved and at least twice as many works it is impossible to list them all. American pop surrealist artist Scott Musgrove has sent work from Seattle ”Lotus Louis”, one of his iconic fictitious animals. Winner of the `12 National Geographic kids Photography and many other awards, Eleanor Leonne Bennet is another contributor. Sculptor Jackie McKenna with 2 ceramic pieces,” Love Leitrim” & “Daisy Loves Leitrim” and a bronze Curlew. Sarah Stevens will be showing pieces from her acclaimed “Derelict Nations” project featuring the Abbey Manor Hotel in Dromahair; Maria Noonan Mcdermott with two of her evocative oil paintings; Calligrapher Shay Cunningham; Freda Young; Sandra Vernon; Kathy O`Leary, the list goes on and the work is varied in content and media. Each piece will have an artists statement outlining their thoughts behind their work and a bit about themselves.

. “The Upset” is taking place at the instigation of Harriet Tahany, a local artist who graduated from Sligo IT with a first In Fine Art and completed her Masters Degree in Belfast in 2009 after winning the RDS Taylor Art Award. She will be documenting this exhibition for a further exhibition to take place in Dublin in October. She would like to thank all the people who have worked hard to bring this important exhibition about, business owners and friends alike. Entrance to this event is, naturally, free of charge. All the artists have contributed to cover the costs of Insurance, posters etc.

The Exhibition times are Sat 30th June, 12-9.30pm; Sunday – Fri 6th July 12-5pm (from Sun-Fri the films and videos will be shown all day), further information on participating artists and performances can be obtained from or email

Since news of the content of this exhibition has spread, ie Sunday Times, many students have requested to study and document the show. This really helps highlight the importance of this exhibition, not just for artists and students but anyone who is concerned or interested in their environment.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

The Upset Call

A recent project I’m working on at the moment is a curatorial one, here in Co. Leitrim where I live. The upset is an exhibition about the environment and some of the upset experienced by people in Ireland steaming from environmental decisions being made by our government. Leitrim is currently in some trouble, a large scale gas extraction project is planned here. The process known as 'Fracking' involves highly carcinogenic chemicals mixed with water, that are then pumped low down into the ground to cause cracks to release natural gas trapped in the shale rock.

The process leads to water and air pollution on a massive scale and this is not just an issue that will affect us here in Leitrim, Lough Allen is the first lake on the river Shannon a river that runs through the whole of Ireland! Any water contamination will travel. The focus area is called the Lough Allen Basin region which includes surrounding areas Sligo, Leitrim, Cavan, Donegal, Roscommon and Fermanagh.

Globally Fracking is a highly controversial practice and has been banned in some countries including France. Locally we are very upset about this but there are still many people who seem to only care about the money such a project may attract. It reminds me of an old poem 'Bansky' once in tribute sprayed on a wall:

When the last tree is cut down,

The last fish eaten

and the last stream poisoned,

You will realize that you cannot eat money.

I had been feeling down about the prospect of the Fracking for some time now and felt I needed to do something positive and proactive to help the cause; this is what this project has really grown out of.

I contacted a local photographer Gearoid O Loingsigh a friend of the cause who introduced and screened the award winning documentary 'Gaslands' to our community here at the community centre in Balinagleeragh where I live on the shore of Lough Allen. He thought it a great Idea and has helped my thus far with the events conception, we are gathering more support of the event locally and have put out a call to artists; the response has been awesome so far. We have asked the artists submitting to include a small donation to help us fund the insurance needed for the event which is to be held in Drumshanbo in a huge empty warehouse there. We feel this is a great way to raise awareness locally, getting people together and talking.

We were however concerned about calling the event an anti-fracking show in case we came up against opposition from those with vested interest in the Fracking project going through, this was taken on advice from some people who made it seem all very cloak and dagger.

So the show is themed 'the environment' and submissions have been diverse some of the other issues include work made to comment on the 'ghost' estates and buildings half finished and empty scattered over the landscape in Ireland. I think it’s interesting how people approach the theme the environment; we have also had submissions just of artistic tributes to nature’s wonders.

Here is the full information about the event:

Call For Art - The Upset

We are communally organizing an arts event for 29th of June 2012 for 1 week into July with an environmental theme, entitled 'The Upset - our awareness and the freedom to express it'

We want to activate artists across Ireland in a response to environmental concerns and draw attention to the crossroads we as a nation are at in regards to our political decisions.

The exhibition is to be hosted in the town of Drumshanbo in Co. Leitrim, Ireland. A town on the shore of the legendary Lough Allen. An area that in a recent upset has been the focus of a large scale gas extraction project.

Our goal is to motivate environmental activism through art or any other medium.

We have 100ft of wall space to fill, and are interested in hearing from anyone who is interested in getting involved in this motion.

Your involvement maybe a submission of art in any medium including visual art, film, poetry, writing, dance/performance or music.
We are also interested in hearing from volunteers who would like to support this motion and get involved in other ways, all suggestions very welcome.

We have an opportunity to start something here that can bring many minority voiceless groups together all under the one roof. Art as a way in to the conversation.

Please email us at: the_upset_leitrim@hotmail. com for an application form for arts submissions or to discuss your ideas for involvement.

The deadline for submissions is now extended to the 15th of June!

Please help spread the word by inviting everybody you think may be interested in taking part.

click here to go to the Facebook event page.

Friday, 4 May 2012

Painting Ladies

Saturday 26th of May at The Chocolate Factory, Kings Inns Street, Dublin. 2pm - 11pm.

On the 26th of May I will be in Dublin taking part at 'Painting Ladies' a one day art market with an emphasis on urban and street culture made by women. There will be fantastic stalls by individual artists showcasing art, music, jewelry, cup cakes, furniture, photography, crafts, greeting cards, theartre and short films.
If you are around Dublin on the 26th do pop by, I will be displaying a range of my handmade Jewlrery, fashion accessories, original artwork and prints.
The event is raising money for 'The Woman's Shelter Aoibhneas' Dublin.
There will be a designated music area with artists including Baque Soul Band, Dj Mojo, Dj Niamh ni Shuilleabhain and Princess Siwela.
The venue hosting this event is called The Chocolate Factory, a four-storey warehouse that will be opening officially this summer. It will be a restaurant and hostel, as well as a creative space for artists to use as a venue and studio. It is located on Kings Inns Street, around the corner from Cineworld on Parnell Street. 'Painting Ladies' will take place on the ground floor.
Click here to visit 'Painted Ladies' event page on Facebook!

Thursday, 29 March 2012

Studio Renovation Part 2

This is the next chapter in my studio renovation blog, I had hoped this project would be completed by mid-March and I'm still here finishing things off.

Special thanks goes out to my husband Iliocht and friends John and Johnny Lyons for all there help on this project, I would not have got this far without you guys! lots of love for you all rock awesomeness!

Here are the most recent photos:

John working on the construction of the 2nd interior wooden wall.

Parts of the wall had used to be animal stalls at some stage in the buildings past. We used a sledge hammer to try and remove the concrete blocks but to no use in the end the new walls frame had to be built around the blocks.

Meanwhile there was still much more pointing to do before the walls boards could go up.

I sprayed expandable insulation foam from a can in the gaps between the roof and the top of the stone wall, this should stop any drafts getting in.

Iliocht and John fitting the boards to the frame. These boards were then removed and polystyrene insulation sheeting was added into the frame then the boards were screwed in place.


The end of the wall was left until Iliocht could bring the water pipes into the room for pluming up a studio sink.

The next part was the ceiling, I started this by coating wood preservative on all the old structural beams, the wood was so thirsty for this and looked revitalized. This also protects the wood from woodworm.

To board up the ceiling supporting beams had to be put up so there would be something to screw the ceiling boards to.

Rock wool was slid down between the tin and the new ceiling braces. I remember rock wool as being super itchy and bright yellow, this is my first time using the brownish type and I must say it's a lot less itchy than the yellow one. However still itchy especially when it gets on your face, which was unavoidable as the dust fell down as you were looking up.

Yay! warm fuzzy ceiling felt! the whole roof is done!! this will make a huge difference to the heat in this room.

This part of the project is called 'putting up the ceiling boards',

Myself, Iliocht, John and Johnny were all now feeling like the end was in site after all the hard work...