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Monday, 16 July 2012

Graff House at The Chocolate Factory Dublin

This weekend myself and an artist friend from here in Leitrim, Holly Gardener, traveled up to Dublin to take part in a live painting event at The chocolate Factory, creative complex on Kings Inns Street hosted by White Lady Art, KIN, and Iljin Project.
Each artist was given a large 2 meter squared wooden board to paint on between 6pm and 10pm live to the public. As it was an indoors event there were no live sprays,  artists could use stencils and anything else they wanted to create an amazing piece in four hours.

The Chocolate Factory is a large renovated warehouse that is being used as a creative space. The ground floor will be transformed on the day into a live painting area, music stage, retail area and food stalls.
This charity event was being raising money for Temple Street children's hospital.
Artists also brought specially selected paintings and prints and stickers and stuff to sell at the stall, manned by the organizers minions while the artists painted.
There was live music, food and cupcakes.
I had a really awesome time doing the live paint, I came only with my brushes and no idea what to paint, so I just made it up as I went along, starting with a sketch in charcoal I mapped out the design and worked it up with black paint finally adding colour and going back over the outlines. I found this kind of work really fun and expressive, I knew and was very aware that I had 4 hours to do the whole thing so with this I didn't worry too much about being too neat and if the paint dripped I didn't mind so much and let the drips become part of the paintings character. I really enjoyed this kind of painting and feel it has given me a new working energy and loosened me up a bit. Super Yay!!

Poster From the Graff House with names of Participating Artists

Here is a little Video by Alexa from Dublin's White Lady Art of the Event:

White Lady Art: Graff House 1 from White Lady Art Gallery on Vimeo.
White Lady Art and Tzolkin Street presented a day of music and live painting at The Chocolate Factory, Dublin, in June 2013.

Here are some photos taken at the event of various stages of my piece:
Sketching out the design with charcoal.

Once I had done the sketch I used black paint to add lines and shading.
I then had finished all the black outlines and shading I wanted to do, the next stage was washing in colour transparently over the black so I could still see the outlines of the design.
Washing in the colour.
 The carrot Fairy ^_^ !

Here are some photos of some of the other artists work:

Holly Gardener (Leitrim)

Kathrina Rupit

Marca Mix





Photo Credits with thanks to: George Marks, Regine Schulze, Quique Martín &  Monica Manzzi Barlocco.

Monday, 2 July 2012

'The Upset' Leitrim's Environmentally Themed Arts Event

We had a wonderful turnout at the opening of 'The Upset' Here are some photo's from the day:

The Upset took shape as a community organized arts event curated by Harriet hosted in the town of Drumshanbo Co. Leitrim on the 30th of June 2012 “The Upset” –our awareness and the freedom to express it-  took place in one of the empty units on the old Lairds site, behind the Food Hub, in Drumshanbo. This exhibition started as an expression of concern by some artists about the environment especially with the threat of the gas industry making plans for a large scale gas extraction project on our doorstep. The event had grown to a major exhibition with over 70 artists, many well known, not just from Ireland, but from USA, Mexico, Hong Kong and the UK exhibiting. The exhibition was open for one week in July, with an all day Saturday Opening at 12pm (until 9.30pm) Showcasing an exciting mix of art; music; readings; dance; film and workshops where through their different practices the artists involved displayed their love and concern for the environment and its future.

Video From the Opening Day

By Alexa Mc Dermot from Dublin's White Lady Art

One of the highlights of the day was a dance drama by our local Irish dance school run by my sisters Kathleen and Jemima based here in Leitrim. The dance was introduced by a poem that told the story of the dance, below is the video and a copy of the poems text
Dance Drama Entitled 'Frack Off':

The cockerel crows -- a sign of a new day,
the farm animals wake and begin to play.

The local farmer tends to his land,
and the postman drives by and shakes his hand.
Gives him his post and be's on his way,
as the farmer reads it he begins to sway.

The news of corruption,
a lack of respect,
and fracking on his door step he stops and reflects;
what was then, is not now, for ever thing has changed,
for worse not better,
things will never be the same.

Its time to take a stand,
hold our heads up high,
fight for our country,
not let this pass us by.

I'll gather the farmers and we'll fight till the end,
we will not be beaten,
with this we intend.

We'll show them we mean business,
they can take back their threats,
if they try to bribe us we'll knock it on the head.

If they want a fight, a fights what they'll get,
we'll stand tall together and prove this I bet.

Our mischievous sons will follow in our ways,
for these will be their farms soon some day.

We'll gather our placards, shout as load as we can,
till people take notice and understand what's the plan.
The land will be free to thrive once more,
the water -- drinkable -- clean and pure.

The animals will return and beauty restored,
for I am a farmer and its my farm I Adore.

Filmed at the Opening of 'The upset