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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Elements of the Elementary

Group Show at White Lady Art, Dublin.

I had a new painting shown as part of a group show called Elements of the Elementary this August 2nd - 31st at White Lady Art in Dublin.
Elements of the Elementary is an exhibition presented by multi media artist, Dominick O'Cruadhliocht in conjunction with White Lady Art exploring the many facets of the Sherlock Holmes character. Combining with various artists from the contemporary art world and using the fields of sculpture, painting, street art and classical interior decoration they hope to bring the audience into the world of Sherlock Holmes. The exhibition will feature art inspired by the characteristics, history and period that makes up the characters complex and multi faceted exterior along with pieces inspired by the period dating from late 1800's to early 1900's. Over a four week period there will be lectures and talks on such subjects as Bee Keeping, Forensics, Victorian history, costume and literature and stage readings from Arthur Conan Doyle's stories of “The Great Detective” and with a special performance of a violin soloist. There will also be a Victorian themed evening including fancy dress, Victorian fashion show and a special “Who Dun-nit” murder mystery.
Each of the contributing artists will take an element of the character, skills and style of Sherlock Holmes and create an art piece in their chosen medium. Whether it is painting, crafts, sculpture or audio visual, and bring one of the most amazing, complex and classical figures of literature into the world of 21st century contemporary art.
My newly created painting focuses on a passion for Japanese Lolita fashion culture, Lolita has its roots in Victoriana fashion. Citing the historical period this show is focused on, I painted one of my characters in a funky female adaption of the Sherlock Homes iconic attire in a Steampunky Lolita style. I included fabric, lace and paper and lace collage in this large watercolour piece with a metal embellishment for the monocle over her eye.

Click here visit the facebook event page.

'Sherlock Lolita' 2013

Me and Alexa Mac Dermot, curator and director at White Lady Art at the opening on the 2nd of August. 

Me and my friend Olivia who traveled up from Leitrim with me to attend the show.

Close up of my artwork, 'Sherlock Lolita.
Photo Credit: Susan Ni Breen

Photo of all the contributing artists, curator Dominick O'Cruadhliocht is seated on the ground and thats me on the far right.
Photo Credit: Susan Ni Breen

Below is a video walk through of the Exhibition:
White Lady Art: Elements Of The Elementary - Sherlock Holmes Exhibition from White Lady Art Gallery on Vimeo.
White Lady Art and Dominick O'Cruadhliocht curated Elements of the Elementary: a Sherlock Holmes exhibition in 2013.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Kawaii Decora Pendant Tins

In the studio last night making these new pieces, they are little tins on a chain with a tiny spoon charm.
I enjoy making these very much, this craft time for me splits up my studio time nicely giving me a little space between painting and drawing.
These pieces of my art print jewellery are inspired by another fabulous trend influenced by our friends in Japan, Decora and Decoden or Dekoden is for all of us who are part-crow, those of us who are attracted to anything that has gems, sparkles and glitters. The term “deco” is intuitively short for decorated and “den” is short for “denwa” meaning “phone” in Japanese.
Japanese Decoden culture has been adored by those who love it and called tacky by those who don’t. The “deco” term covers all of the types of embellishments, from flat and glittery to the most impractical faux - dessert topography, and making or finding a good one isn’t a small feat. Decoden phone cases are categorically over-the-top but I’m sure that is the point, to be decadent and whimsical. I excited after making these pendant tins, because have just acquired a few blank i-phone 5 cases and intend to try my hand at decorating these soon.
On these pendant tins I have added a glass art print cabochon with a range of resin cast objects, dolls house ceramics, gems, pearls and some handmade polymer clay miniature food items.

These pieces will be available from next week at White Lady Art, in Templebar Dublin, they also come in a velvet pouch.