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Hello and welcome to my creative world, thank you dearly for your interest in my artistic endeavors.
“Here on my web log I record my studio progress, it acts as a web based journal spanning back to 2010, here I can easily glance back at projects and artworks and add my current progress. I hope some of you will also find inspiration here.
I welcome dearly your comments and feedback as valuable assets that help me consider different aspects of my art practice and my creative growth as an artist.
Love and Light”
Harriet ❤
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I’m continuously open to participation in new projects, collaborations, murals and exhibitions.
I’m always happy to talk about a special commission piece of jewellery, your fantasy artwork or portrait of a loved one.
You can contact me via my facebook page or website and online shop at , much of my older work is also view-able there.

Saturday, 1 October 2011

My Little Archetype

I painted this it's called 'My Little Archetype' its acrylic on canvas 30 x 40 inches. ♥ ♥

Taking place Saturday, October 22 at 7:00pm at The Complex, 18-21 Block C, Smithfield Square, Dublin.

"After Hours" is Dublin's first independent tattoo art exhibition.
Presented by Tattoo TV ( and White Lady Art, Dublin.
Presenting the fine art of tattoo artists, and the work of fine artists who are influenced by tattoo culture, from Ireland, the U.K. and Europe.
Works will include tattoo photography, erotic photography, drawing, painting, print, and a very special performance piece by Dublin artists, Sharon Courtney and Daniel Flower.

The exhibition will be held at The Complex, Smithfield, from October 22nd - 26th.

Monday, 26 September 2011

Art Print Jewellery by Harriet Myfanwy Nia Tahany

Art Print Jewellery Video

I have been making jewellery recently as a way of merchandising my art and reaching a larger audience, where most people don't have money to invest in an artwork, they get to buy a little piece of handmade jewellery featuring a print of the piece instead.

This is my first Video slideshow I have made for YouTube, I hope you like it!

Monday, 12 September 2011

House of Sweets - A Hansel and Gretel Story, Exhibition Opening.

Thankyou to all who visited house of Sweets, a small selection of the artworks from the show are still available from 'Frame of Mine' Belfast.
The exhibition opening was on Thursday the 1st of September. Alexa MacDermot from 'White Lady Art' made a little video of my exhibition opening, can be viewed below!!, I love the music fits the show perfectly ♥ ♥

Photos from the opening:


My very talented sister Jemima Tahany made this beautiful and yummy Gingerbread House for the opening, based on my painting 'House of Sweets' Thank you Jemima! You Rock Awesomeness! ♥

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Hansel & Gretel


I'm having an exhibition opening September 1st at 'Frame of Mine' 164 Ormeau Rd, Belfast at 7.30pm. My first solo show of 2011, entitled 'House of Sweets-A Hansel and Gretel Story' . Hope some of ye can make it! ♥ ♥

Press Release:
House of Sweets - A Hansel and Gretel Story

Award winning pop surrealism artist, Harriet Myfanwy Nia Tahany is presenting an exhibition of exciting new works opening 1st September 2011. This will be Harriet’s first solo show this year, opening at the 'Frame of Mine' gallery at 164 Ormeau Rd, Belfast at 7.30pm. 'House of Sweets - A Hansel and Gretel Story' will show for one week until the 7th September.
Visitors to the exhibition will be in awe of Harriet’s unique and highly identifiable style of art, which will be a collection of paintings in acrylic and watercolour. The Frame of Mine gallery, is undoubtedly becoming known for show-casing cutting edge contemporary genres of art, including lowbrow, pop surrealism and urban.
Harriet’s new set of work takes inspiration from the Brothers Grimm fairy tale, Hansel and Gretel, and also incorporate Jungian symbolism. We see how dark forces lure Hansel and Gretel into an enticing world of candy and cakes. Greed challenges the pair and Harriet’s images foretell their fate based on the choices they make. Whilst some details of the story have been altered, the archetypal structure is much the same. Using this classic fairy tale, Harriet portrays current issues presenting a social commentary about consumerism, consumption and the lure of the media. This set of work mirrors questions being asked by society about modern culture, materialism and the need for possession. When we consider the rioting in modern day Britain in this context, we see the greed of the people who looted and destroyed communities in order to acquire the latest fashion, technology and high end goods. People are still asking, why did these people riot? Many argue it is down to the role of mass media in society, that the intense marketing of highly desired items and the greed of those involved for “free” material goods overcame moral judgement - we have since seen that many of those involved were mere opportunists.
In Harriet's exhibition we see that Hansel is trapped by his consumption, whilst Gretel is trapped by the witch – they are like two sides to the one coin. Harriet finds a resolve to this problem in her imagery, where Gretel manages to find a personal resolve to this dilemma, in which the dark illusions are melted away! You can expect nothing less than a plethora of mind teasers when you interpret the story as you walk around the gallery, a very typical tactic of Harriet’s, which her fans have come to love! You can find both Harriet and the gallery on Facebook. Or visit and for further details

Written by Cerian Gilhooley.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

July Bizarre Magazine

Bizarre Magazine July 2011

Was really thrilled and surprised to have my painting 'The Bunny Breather' featured in the readers art section of this month’s Bizarre Magazine!

The Text below the image reads: This oil painting juxtaposes a cybernetic pin-up girl with cute forest creatures in a bleak, futuristic, snowy landscape.

Bizarre Magazine July 2011 Page 54

Monday, 23 May 2011

New Watercolours May 2011


The Owl & The Pussy Cat

A Bunny Garden

The above 3 paintings are nicely framed and available to buy at 'The Very Small' Gallery' In the Craft Yard beside the Bush Hotel, in Carrick-On Shannon, Co. Leitrim EIRE.

Blueberry Baby

Update: These paintings have new homes and are no longer available.