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Monday, 23 December 2013

Cristmas Craft Markets 2013


I was in Dublin last weekend for a craft market at White Lady Art in Dublin's Templebar. I had a lovely day, the markets at the gallery will be every weekend until Christmas and well worth a visit in conjunction with the 'Needles and Pens' Exhibition which is still running for the month of December.
Here are some photos of my stall last weekend in Dublin, with special thanks to my friends Brigit Smith, Vanessa Cann and Adriana Dorotova for helping out on the day

Sligo Town

I also did a stall the following Saturday in Sligo Town at the Model Art Gallery on The Mall with my lovely apprentice who has been helping me on Wednesdays in the studio, Nikita Turner a student on work experience for a business administration course in Lough Allen College, she will be continuing her work experience with me until May 2014, so was lovely to have a helping hand on the day of the Christmas Sligo Flea Market.
I showcased lots of new pieces of my 'Art Print Jewellery' featuring miniature prints from my work, Prints, Postcards and some of my new decoden phone covers. I will be updating my online store with many of these items early in 2014 for all of you who missed me at the craft markets.
Here are some photos from the day at the Model in Sligo.

Friday, 13 December 2013

2013 Christmas Card Release

Here are my new 2013 Christmas cards; entitled 'Pine Marten's Winter Home' they are available now in the Shop section of my website. The image is drawn with pencils and then digitally manipulated into this design with Photoshop CS6; it was a nice change to use a little digital software to make these. The cards are embellished with festive ribbons, beads and plastic wrapped with accompanying envelopes.
The inspiration for this image is a pine martin living in my studio; he abides in the ceiling and walks around on my loft when he thinks I can't see him. He mostly sleeps during the day in the rock wool nest he has burrowed in my roof insulation and he comes out at night and leaves messy footprints on my work surfaces after he has walked across my paint pallets. He's been there for months, but only recently he has become a bit too comfortable and treats my sink as his own personal toilet. He is the cutest of animals and that is perhaps why I have put up with him so long, he's about the size of a large cat and I was very close to getting a humane cage trap and bringing him up to the forestry. Saying that I drew this and realized his warm winter home is also in my heart.

Friday, 15 November 2013

Decoden iphone Covers

In the studio this week making these new pieces, they are embellished iphone 5 covers.
These pieces feature tiny cameo art prints and yummy foe cake frosting made from resin inspired by Japanese, Decora and Decoden or Dekoden. The term “deco” is intuitively short for decorated and “den” is short for “denwa” meaning “phone” in Japanese.
On these phone covers I have added a glass art print cabochon with a range of resin cast objects, dolls house ceramics, gems, pearls and a mirror. I included the mirror on these as the iphone's camera is located above it, for all those girly girls who like to paint their face and pose for photos.
I will be selling these at craft markets this Christmas season, on the 7th of December at White Lady Art in Dublin's Temple Bar and on the 14th in Co. Sligo at the Model Gallery on The Mall.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Mini Watercolours

I have made these miniature watercolour painting's 6 x 9cm on paper in a black resin frame. These are part of a group exhibition with a tattoo theme ‘Needles and Pens’ opening this November 2nd at White Lady Art, Temple Bar, Dublin.

Floating Ribbon 1

Floating Ribbon 2
Love Bird

Burning Heart

Friday, 18 October 2013

Needles and Pens

I have been in the studio working on these new painting's in acrylic, charcoal and resin, 45cm on a round supports. I'm painting these as part of a group exhibition with a tattoo theme ‘Needles and Pens’ opening this November 2nd at White Lady Art, Temple Bar, Dublin.
These paintings began with charcoal under drawings, They were then fixed with clear acrylic spray lacquer, once this lacquer was dry I painted in details and backgrounds with acrylic paint. These were then coated with a glassy two part resin, I used a screen print squeegee to level the poured on resin.

Here are the photos of the charcoal under drawings and the finished pieces:

Blue Willow

The theme of this piece is inspired by my mothers dish-ware, 'Willow Pattern' . There is a romantic Chinese fable behind the plates,
the daughter of a Chinese dignitary falling in love with a gardener or such lowly profession, forbidden love, drama, in the end the lovers turned themselves into swallows to be able to be together.

Rosie 2013


Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Charm Update!: Polymer Clay Layerd Cakes

I have been making lots of new jewelry pieces recently, the above charm bracelet features some of the polymer clay cakes I have been making. I'm really enjoying these and have some new ideas for some other charms.
I wanted to do a little process blog on how these are made:

I start by rolling out three colors of polymer clay these set the type of cakes I am making, this time mint and chocolate cream and strawberry and chocolate cream. I do this with a pasta machine, a tool used for rolling out lasagne sheets. Set to its thickest setting because these will be the middle cake layers. I use three sizes of circle cutters to cut the cakes into rings. I didn't have a very tiny circle cutter so I used a lid of a ball point pen and cut the top off with a blade.
I started with the biggest cutter and cut a circle of each of the colors, then cut the second circle into these making the first circle a hoop, I did this again with the middle circle.

The next stage is making a new full circle from all the pieces, it kind of looks like a target.

I made enough for 4 full cakes in each colour spectrum :)

I then stacked the circles to create the layered cake.

I rolled out a very thin layer of the chocolate brown colour to ice the cake, I do this by wrapping the cake up in the icing.

Here are the cakes wrapped in the icing! I did this same process with the mint chocolate cakes...

Here are the cakes, I put them on a board in the freezer for 5 mins to chill before I cut them, this stops the colours blurring together when I slice them. I also chilled a bit of the mint green for some decorative stars I want to add, cut with a plunger cutter:

Here is the cake slice, the layering made the cake have a checkerboard effect. I added texture to the sponge part of the cake slice with a toothbrush. I used a eye screw to make the charm cake hang-able the stars have a tiny glass gem, plastic gems are no good for fimo cakes as they would melt in the oven.

I cut some slices of fimo strawberry
canes to add to the strawberry cake these are made with a process called Mileflorie.

I made a small twist of white as cream and added the fruit strawberry. Yummy! These are now ready to bake!

The finished charms are available in my shop on my website individually or as part of a individual jewelry piece.

Monday, 9 September 2013

Live Paint at Applerock Creative Expo, Dublin City Centre.

On Saturday September 7th I did a spot of street art on Foleys Street, Dublin. As part of Applerock Studios all day event, bringing a festive vibe to the heart of Dublin’s north inner city. A day of live graffiti & street art, live music, DJ sets, market & craft stalls.

Here are some photos taken on the day, it was unfortunately very rainy that day so I was painting in the rain:

The above photo was taken by Iulian Bocancea 'AW2F' on one of those 360 degree stitch photo apps, he was painting to the right of me and Kathrina Rupit was painting to my left.

I found this photo on 'Dublin Urban Art' page, about a week after the rain poured down that day. I can live with the goth'y drips, think it kinda adds something?:

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

New Art Print Cameo Pendants


I was in Belfast this week and had the opportunity to bring some of my new work and prints down to 'Frame of Mine Gallery' on the Omeau Road.
I also brought in a diverse selection of my new art print cameo pendants which are available there now:


These art print cameo Pendants are sold out now on my online shop but a small selection of them are still available at 'White Lady Art', Templebar, Dublin. Featuring a tiny 3 x 2cm Art Print from my new work set under a glass dome and into an white resin hand cast cameo surround. Embellished with resin cast roses and a pink resin songbird cabochon. The cameo is easily removable from the chain and has a brooch pin on the back. The large cameo Setting measures 5 x 4cm. 

Sunday, 4 August 2013

Elements of the Elementary

Group Show at White Lady Art, Dublin.

I had a new painting shown as part of a group show called Elements of the Elementary this August 2nd - 31st at White Lady Art in Dublin.
Elements of the Elementary is an exhibition presented by multi media artist, Dominick O'Cruadhliocht in conjunction with White Lady Art exploring the many facets of the Sherlock Holmes character. Combining with various artists from the contemporary art world and using the fields of sculpture, painting, street art and classical interior decoration they hope to bring the audience into the world of Sherlock Holmes. The exhibition will feature art inspired by the characteristics, history and period that makes up the characters complex and multi faceted exterior along with pieces inspired by the period dating from late 1800's to early 1900's. Over a four week period there will be lectures and talks on such subjects as Bee Keeping, Forensics, Victorian history, costume and literature and stage readings from Arthur Conan Doyle's stories of “The Great Detective” and with a special performance of a violin soloist. There will also be a Victorian themed evening including fancy dress, Victorian fashion show and a special “Who Dun-nit” murder mystery.
Each of the contributing artists will take an element of the character, skills and style of Sherlock Holmes and create an art piece in their chosen medium. Whether it is painting, crafts, sculpture or audio visual, and bring one of the most amazing, complex and classical figures of literature into the world of 21st century contemporary art.
My newly created painting focuses on a passion for Japanese Lolita fashion culture, Lolita has its roots in Victoriana fashion. Citing the historical period this show is focused on, I painted one of my characters in a funky female adaption of the Sherlock Homes iconic attire in a Steampunky Lolita style. I included fabric, lace and paper and lace collage in this large watercolour piece with a metal embellishment for the monocle over her eye.

Click here visit the facebook event page.

'Sherlock Lolita' 2013

Me and Alexa Mac Dermot, curator and director at White Lady Art at the opening on the 2nd of August. 

Me and my friend Olivia who traveled up from Leitrim with me to attend the show.

Close up of my artwork, 'Sherlock Lolita.
Photo Credit: Susan Ni Breen

Photo of all the contributing artists, curator Dominick O'Cruadhliocht is seated on the ground and thats me on the far right.
Photo Credit: Susan Ni Breen

Below is a video walk through of the Exhibition:
White Lady Art: Elements Of The Elementary - Sherlock Holmes Exhibition from White Lady Art Gallery on Vimeo.
White Lady Art and Dominick O'Cruadhliocht curated Elements of the Elementary: a Sherlock Holmes exhibition in 2013.