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I welcome dearly your comments and feedback as valuable assets that help me consider different aspects of my art practice and my creative growth as an artist.
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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Getting my spray paint on

Not long now until the upcoming female street art exhibition at White Lady Art in Dublin, I have not posted to my blog for a while so here is a little preview on one of the pieces I have made for the show.

This piece is done with spray paint and acrylic for the outlines and the hair below is a work in progress photo showing the piece at an earlier stage.  More photos of my other works in progress coming here soon!!

Saturday, 8 March 2014

'Who Pulls The Strings?' Showing for the 2nd time in Co. Sligo

'Who Pulls The Strings?'

Solo Show at

Teach Ban Art Gallery, Drumcliffe Co. Sligo!

This April 12th - 27th 2014
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This 12th to 27th April I will be showing my 'Who Pulls The Strings? Exhibition in Co. Sligo at Teach Bán - Art Gallery - Drumcliffe, Sligo, Ireland.
This new collection was premiered at Temple Bar, Dublin's White Lady Art gallery between the dates of July 4th – 27th 2013.

Press Release:

Teach Bán - Art Gallery - Drumcliffe, Co. Sligo, Ireland
New work by Harriet Myfanwy Nia Tahany

Who Pulls The Strings?

Opening reception Saturday 12th of April 2014 3pm - 6pm

Teach Bán - Art Gallery - Drumcliffe, Sligo will be presenting a new exhibition by Irish Pop Surrealist - Harriet Myfanwy Nia Tahany, from April 12th – 27th 2014.

Harriet  a recipient of the RDS Taylor award, received her degree in 2007 from Sligo IT and graduated from the University of Ulster in 2009 with a Masters in Fine Art. Harriet has exhibited in Dublin, Belfast and Sligo. This new body of work includes paintings, drawings and prints with a Jungian theme, exploring concepts derived from an esoteric interpretation of the classic children’s story Pinocchio.

Jung believed that, to be psychologically healthy, one must strike a balance between the demands of society and what we really are, in being oblivious to one’s persona he believed that to be underestimating the importance of society, but to be unaware of one’s deep individuality, is to become society’s puppet.

‘Who Pulls The Strings?’ is an exhibition based on this Jungian notion, an exploration of ideas and narratives set in a psychedelic dreamscape depiction of puppet characters in a metaphysical world.

Harriet is well known for her ongoing exploration of themes inspired by ‘hermeneutics’, the art of literal translation, in attention to characters, events and symbols in a story’s underlying structure, often with a particular emphasis on fairytales and mythology. In this new body of work we see Harriet expand her artistic depictions of story analysis into the exploration of allegory, a device used widely in histories of all forms of the arts because of its immense power to illustrate complex ideas and concepts in ways that are easily accessible and tangible to an audience.

Harriet has focused on esoteric concepts from Carlo Lorenzini’s classic story of Pinocchio and the more famously adapted version in the 1940's Disney classic. This story of a wooden puppet that comes to life conceals spiritual allegory with roots in the mystery schools of occultism. Harriet explains further:
“The children’s story about “being good” and ”not lying” as allegory becomes the quest for wisdom and spiritual enlightenment. Crammed with timeless and honest social commentaries, Pinocchio depicts a very unsettling vision of our modern world and prescribes, perhaps, a way to escape its traps. Striving to achieve a higher level of spirituality through self-improvement is a very universal theme found in most religions. Pinocchio’s allegory exposes itself as typically Masonic and reveals the philosophical background of those in control of the mass media.”

We see these themes illustrated in Harriet’s new work through depictions of journeys into inner metaphysical worlds, described by decorative psychedelic patterns of circular motifs.

The puppet characters who are all females, are contemplative of this artists own individuality and “dark alluring forces of a vast collective consciousness, that is the Mass Media; filtering into the collective unconsciousness and swaying them from discovering who they really are.”  They appear tainted with a sweet yet sinister confusion, through the unsettling juxtaposition of imagery stylistically inspired by “popular toy culture and fashion as being the invisible strings that control them.”

Saturday, 1 March 2014



White Lady Art Gallery

14 Wellington Quay, Dublin 2

April 5 - May 1st 2014

I will be showing some new work as part of a collaborative Female Street Art Exhibition, Showcasing 9 of Ireland's best Female Street Artists this April at Templebar's,  ‘White Lady Art’ Gallery Dublin.

Opening Reception: Saturday 5th April, 18:00 - 22:00
Drink refreshments available
Music DJ
Strictly over 18's - all others welcome during the month of exhibition.

Friz -
Lolz -
Kin MX -
Loki Nom Nom -
Novice -
Made -
Bubu -
Myfanwy Nia -

To be held in April, Bernard Shaw Pub
11-12 Richmond St S, D2
More details and date to be confirmed...

White Lady Art is proud to present the first exhibition of street art by female artists based in Ireland. These talented artists, each with their own individual flourishing practice, will showcase their work together as an expression of empowerment among women artists to a younger generation of female artists. The exhibition is about women empowering women by working together. Street Art is still a relatively recent phenomenon, hitting the global stage and gaining attention within the realms of the high art world. It has carved its way into the long parade of art history, although much of the literature surrounding Street Art has had a focus of citing the profession as being male-dominated. Female artists who have had the spot-light often are discussed in the context of their gender struggles within the scene. As such, these struggles are often seen as being due to the under-representation of female artists. Female artists like Miss Van, Fafi, Maya Hayuk, Olek, Lady Pink, Faith 47, Lakwena, Sheryo, Kashink, and many more can be included as women who have paved the way for female artists today when it comes to Street Art. The under-representation of alternative or New Contemporary styles in Ireland finally appears to be positively shifting, and this is indeed a very vibrant and exciting time in Ireland for Street Art culture. This exhibition is about celebrating of equality focusing on positivity; it's a call to more female artists to embrace this style and feel welcome to participate in the Irish urban art. This exhibition also presents the debut of this newly founded collective of dedicated artists 'Minaw Collective' (M.C.) and also provides the long-awaited platform that introduces the Irish side of female street artist culture. We look forward to see more future collaborative projects from them.
The gallery has invited each artist to speak individually about their experiences working as a female street artist, either in Ireland or in their home country, and their comments will be published leading up to the opening night.

Click on the poster image below to RSVP on facebook: