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Friday, 22 June 2012

Busy not being upset for 'The Upset'

It's been a very busy time for me at the moment with preparations for an Environmental Arts Event 'The Upset'.

My days for weeks now have been spent with full on left side of the brain activity, emails, keeping records of submissions, assisting PR, people, posters, all this has nurtured a void for me, thrown in at the deep end and learning loads! I really appreciate everything I am learning from this project, and although super busy I have felt my heart and mind expanding along the way. I love the integrity behind the show is seems so beautiful to me 'creative expression for the environment'

Such a diverse array of submissions all validly making up a whole, that I am dearly excited to see come together.

Everyone around me has been so super supportive, thank you all so so much! I love the community that has helped nurture this project! From the individual artists submitting there work to the friends old and new who have joined us at the weekly meetings to express their support of the project.

I would like to thank the following people: my beautiful husband for his love, faith, support and practical assistance, Sandra Vernon for her exquisite PR skills and excellent practical advice from years of admirable experience, Gearoid Lynch for his heart to Leitrim's threatened environment and help and encouragement at this projects conception, Grace Cowley for her on going support and quick initiative, Polly Brown, Charlie Easterfield and Joanna Rickard for being a such sweeties at our meetings, Alexa Mc Dermot, Jenni Poi, and Catherine Morrow for their beautiful written contributions and on going faith in this project, Holly Gardener for keeping me company and keeping my studio creative while I'm working on the computer, Matt Gardener for his solidarity and good humour, Fergal Mc Partland for kindly allowing us use of the space, Martin Reading at the Dock for loan and assistance of a projector, Scott Musgrove for showing support by sending a drawing and with that keeping me believing that the possibilities are endless.

Oh my gosh so many people to thank and we have not even got the keys for the event venue! LOL ! I'm sure I will be thanking everyone again and many more names to be added to this list.

Next week is when the actual practical work begins receiving the artwork and fashioning it into an art exhibition.

Wish us luck and light!

I'm feeling super Happy about 'The Upset' Saturday week the 30th of June, in Drumshanbo, in Lovely Leitrim!