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Sunday, 3 February 2013

New Work January 2013


I'm currently making a new body of work for my next solo exhibition in Dublin this July at ‘White Lady Art’ . The Show will run from July 4th – 27th 2013.

This new body of work will be paintings, drawings and sculpture with a Jungian theme.

Jung believed that, to be psychologically healthy, one must strike a balance between the demands of society and what we really are.To be oblivious to one’s persona is to underestimate the importance of society, but to be unaware of one’s deep individuality is to become society’s puppet.

‘Who Pulls The Strings?’ is an exhibition based on this Jungian notion, an exploration of narratives set in a psychedelic dreamscape of puppet characters. The characters are contemplative of the artists own individuality and the dark forces that filter in from a vast collective unconsciousness that sways them from discovering who they really are.

Here are some photos from my studio in Leitrim a sneaky peek at the development of 2 new works.

1st work:

In the studio, the rough sketchy stage

Finished 1st work :)

2nd work:

Studio wall the image is roughly sketched out

Drawing developments

Tools of the trade ;)


Finished 2nd work :D